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When is the Flourtown Gator’s swim season?

The swim season runs from mid-June- the last weekend in July.

What is the skill level required to join the swim team?

In general, swimmers hoping to participate in the swim team should be able to swim four laps of the pool without stopping.  Swimmers also should have some knowledge of the four competitive strokes: freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly.  

At the beginning of the season the coaches will hold evaluations to determine if a swimmer is ready to join the competitive team.  

What’s the pre-competitive swim team program?

The pre-competitive program is for swimmers who are new to the sport and still learning the basics of swimming.  Swimmers in this program tend to be age 6 and under.  It is not swim lessons.  Each swimmer in this program is individually evaluated at the beginning of the season.  In order to make it into this program, swimmers must be able to swim at least two laps without stopping.  The pre-competitive program focuses on teaching all the competitive strokes.  All pre-competitive swimmers are encouraged to participate in at least one swim meet each season!

When are practices?

Morning practices are held daily.  The Camp practice is from 7:30-8:45am and is for any swimmer participating in Flourtown Summer Day Camp (or in another day camp).  We end practice just in time for swimmers to get to camp at Flourtown.  We have another practice from 8:45-10am and this practice is for any non-camper.  

There are also two night practices per week.  Those evenings will be determined in early May, as the pool’s master schedule gets finalized.   

We strongly encourage participation in the morning practices.  We have the whole pool to ourselves, which lends to a much better practice environment.   

Is there a minimum number of practices my swimmer must attend in order to participate?

The short answer is no, we do not have a minimum practice requirement.  However, as with any sport, swimmers get out what they put into the season.  A swimmer attending practice regularly will see improvement.

When are swim meets?

Swim meets are Saturday mornings and Wednesday evenings.  

It is the expectation that all parents volunteer at three swim meets.  Even someone with no knowledge of the sport of swimming can help out!  

Does the swim team do any fun events?

Yes!  Every summer we have events such as out annual pancake breakfast, fun practices after meets, and the annual “Gator Bowl.”  One season we took a trip to Flourtown’s Movie Tavern! Team dinners are also coordinated by dedicated families each season.  

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